10 good reasons why you should dive in malta with divebase

Malta is a well renowned diving and holiday destination, here 10 good reasons explaining why:

1.  30+ dive sites suitable for all levels

Within Malta, Comino  and  Gozo , 30+  dive  sites  suitable for all levels and experience. Beginners to Tech divers Malta is the best destination to make everybody happy.

2. Excellent visibility

Most of the time, visibility underwater is not less then 20mt. Stretch your eyes and look for the big fish of the Mediterranean in the middle of the blue.

3. Shipwrecks and hidden caves safe to explore

Where history and nature meets underwater. Fun to discover and interesting to know.

4. Y-40® professionalism, comfort and Innovation

DiveBase is the 1st dive center at sea developed from the Expertise of Y-40® The Deep Joy, world’s deepest pool with thermal water.

Scuba and Apnea professionals will guide your diving experience in the heart of the Mediterranean with the support of the latest technologies Y-40® Dive Maps APP

5.  Apnea and Scuba sessions available everyday

At DiveBase it’s possible to dive everyday in Malta all year round. Beginners, advanced specialty and tech courses available.

6. Tailor-made programs for individuals and groups

If you a single diver or a group of friends sharing the passion for diving, DiveBase Team will always accomodate your request and desires.

7. Morning, afternoon, sunset and night diving sessions

Live the experience of diving when the sun goes down, admire the marine life awakening and the color enhancing with the help of a torch.

8. Close by the main dive sites of the island

Located in Bugibba, St.Paul’s Bay in the norther part of the Island of Malta, from DiveBase you can easily reach the main dive sites.

9. Malta, the Pearl of the Mediterranean Sea

Malta is not only about diving. There are so many other types of sports that you can experience while on holiday in the Maltese islands. Kayak, Cycling, Hiking, climbing, sailing all open-air activities surrounded by scenic panoramas.

10 out of 100 more reasons to organize your diving holidays in Malta with your friends and family.


Either if you live in Malta or visit the island only for a weekend, you cannot miss the opportunity to discover what hides underwater.

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